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Say it with Paper Products

Dear cool paper products, we miss you.

Everyone is all about going paperless and virtual reports and email and e-newsletters, but you know what, sometimes you just want to write it down on a good ole Post-it note and slap it up on the wall somewhere you can look at it. Especially now, in 2017, when you can find a sticky note in the shape of a thought bubble – how fun is that?! The multi-colored rainbow sticky pad used to be special, but we’ve obviously far surpassed its coolness with the thought bubble pad.

I mean, sure you can use the notepad on your phone, but don’t you miss writing it down on lined paper? Is there anything as satisfying as writing down the to-do list on a lined Post-it note you can stick up on the wall above your PC, or on the fridge, or on your spouse’s forehead? Really, virtual notes don’t have quite the same mojo as the real thing.

Also, did you know you can buy pre-punched copy paper? Pre-punched. It’s like the holy grail of copy paper, all ready to go in the binder with no extra steps to take. Gone are the days of trying to jam 50 sheets of paper into a three-hole punch and slamming your entire body weight down to get it to punch all the way through – just to save you like a minute of time. Which inevitably backfires because the paper jams inside the punch and you have to rip it out, clear the paper dots, and figure out where to separate the punched from the un-punched before trying to punch again. All that and it never stopped us from trying to slip a few extra sheets in there the next time, and every time. Amiright?

Oh gosh, then there’s the composition books. Do you remember those? Like the doodle book or poetry book for really artsy, beautiful people? Yeah, that one. It always came in black, but now you’ll find it in brighter colors. Don’t worry though, it still comes in black when the forlorn artist in you wants to come out. You might also use a composition book for taking notes in class or in meetings. Maybe you journal all your life dreams or you pen love ballads whenever they hit your brain; whatever it is, writing it down in a composition book makes it way more interesting – and almost mysterious. Everyone should be walking around with one.

When you need cool paper products back in your life, or any other office supplies for that matter, check out NuLeaf Office Solutions.

8 Ways to Make your Work Week Brighter

1) Socialize with someone outside of social media or the Intranet. Talk about the latest blockbuster film or gardening tips over the water cooler.

2) Lend a helping hand to an associate. Whether 5 minutes or 30 minutes of your time, helping others will develop camaraderie while boosting your confidence.

3) Listen to music, if you can. Put on some mood-lifting tunes to brighten your spirits.

4) If you have your own workspace, decorate it with pictures, plants, and pops of color!

5) You probably can’t burn a candle, but you might be allowed to add a refreshing aroma to your space with a scented plugin or a diffuser.

6) Look forward to something. Plan out the next several months of your vacation days so you can have a visual countdown till you get another day off. Even if you don’t leave your town, plan something out of the ordinary to look forward to during that break.

7) And just because it’s been so gray in Seattle, where NuLeaf Office Solutions is headquartered, add some bright “artificial daylight” to your desktop. Try the Alera LED Smart Touch Lamp for a sophisticated look.

8) Commence spring clean, give your desk a good wipe down with antibacterial spray and wash out your coffee mug. Clean your keyboard and monitor too with a flat screen dry shammy.

Whether you’re at work or at home, or working at home, put your heart into the space where you spend your time, and feel more content. Contact NuLeaf if you need help finding office supplies, printer supplies or office furniture.

Items your Office Needs in 2017

Organization. It’s time to clean it up. If you’ve been using an old mug to organize your pens, think about getting a desktop organizer for pens, post-its, paperclips and more. You can even get one that doubles as a docking station to charge your phone.

Something Personal. Maybe it’s a frame with a family photo. Maybe it’s an NFL stapler that shouts home team pride. Put something on your desk that you’re proud to look at. In fact, make it a few things. After all, this is your home away from home.

Snacks. If your office breakroom is stocked with supplies, disregard. You always need an excuse to get up, take a walk and stretch out those legs. But if you lack a breakroom, or the breakroom lacks snacks, think about hiding away some office snacks for easy retrieval to get you through the 2 pm slump. Good idea to have a back-up microwaveable just-add-water lunch hidden away too, just in case.

Something with a Logo. Earn bonus points with the boss if you put something on your desk with the company logo on it. And if something with the company logo doesn’t exist yet, earn bigger bonus points when you bring the idea to your boss. Point them to our promotional site to see lots of cool company-logo worthy swag.

Hand Sanitizer. When the flu season hits, it can swell thru the office like a hurricane. One way to protect yourself from getting it is to stop shaking hands with people, or turning doorknobs, or touching anything ever. But a better way to decrease your chances of getting it is to sanitize your hands every so often with an easy pump hand sanitizer right at your desk.

A Calendar. Sure, your phone has one and so does your computer or tablet. But isn’t it handy sometimes to simply look up and see the date on the wall – in an old fashioned paper-based calendar that has a comforting picture attached to it? Puppies, or canyon scenes, or Monet paintings….

A Better Chair. If you sit at a computer most of the day, at least do it in comfort and style. Give your back the break it deserves with a new, ergonomic, high-back breathable mesh office chair. Like a throne for your castle, except just a better chair for your cubicle.

A Wipe Board. Get a multipurpose wipe board, half wipe/half tack board, where you can tack up post-its, pictures, write reminders or doodle your stress away. You’ll find you put up a wipe board and it’ll get used in ways you never imagined.

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