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Pack The Road Trip Essentials

What you pack for a road trip depends mostly on what kind of accommodations you’re staying in. If you’re camping, you’ll need a whole other list of things to pack. But instead of diving into things like travel first-aid kit and camping stove, let’s talk about the road trip essentials that will simply make your trip more fun and interesting. When you get to Los Angeles International Airport and into your choice rental car, make sure you have these few things packed for the drive to wherever you’re going…

Selfie stick. Because there won’t always be someone handy to take that perfect picture of you with the scenic backdrop. Plus, selfies are just fun.

Quality sunglasses. Most road trips are taken in the summer months because obviously everyone wants the best weather possible. No one wants to be squinting for days or weeks at a time, so make sure you have the right eye wear to protect yourself from the glaring sunshine – in the rental car or outside exploring.

Traveling cooler. You can get ice anywhere, and you can probably find a mini cooler that will fight right in the middle console of your car rental. Refill and dump ice as needed, but you’ll save a lot of money (and calories, no less) when you can pack some of your own road trip snacks.

Beef jerky, mixed nuts and Nutella. Because you will always have a craving for something salty and something sweet. Don’t forget a spoon or Nilla wafers for the Nutella. Also, no refrigeration required for these special snacks, so that’s a bonus.

An attitude of spontaneity. The best road trips aren’t necessarily the planned ones. Sure, plan a route, plan a destination. But if you feel the need to take a side road or stop for a few hours at an unexpected landmark, those are the whims you go on that make life interesting.

A five-port car charger for multiple devices. You can find this little piece of important vehicle technology just about anywhere online, so look it up and buy one for all the gadgets that may be going down in the backseat. Think phones, tablets, and whatever else may come on the market next week.

A seat belt pillow. Something soft to lean on when you’re the passenger on a long drive and you want to rest your tired eyes. The seat belt pillow is a cushiony wrap that goes around the seat belt so your neck is protected as your head droops into a sleepy slumber on the belt.

Make sure you pack the road trip essentials to stuff inside your Sakura Rent A Car and let one of our friendly agents get you on the road fast and efficiently during your visit to Southern California.

The Mother Road: U.S. Route 66

So you want to go on an epic road trip but you don’t know where to start. We at Sakura Rent A Car can help.

Los Angeles is a great starting point for several road trips. You can fly into LAX and head south of the border. You can head north up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. Or, you can head due east on one of the most historic, popular highways in America – Route 66.

Known as “The Mother Road” or “Main Street America,” you can travel Route 66, beginning in Santa Monica, traveling through eight states which eventually lands you in Chicago, Illinois. What you will see along the way, one of the bigs is going to be the Grand Canyon. Put it on your bucket list and hit the road, Jack, because every gaze at the canyon is worth its grandeur and awe. Do not miss your opportunity to sleep in a wigwam, better known as a giant teepee. In Holbrook, Arizona, not far from the Grand Canyon you can stay at the Wigwam Village Motel #6. You get two double beds, a TV, and a bathroom all in your very own teepee.

You will pass through Native American desert lands in the Southwest, the small-town Midwest heartlands of Oklahoma and the Ozarks, as well as the bustling streets of St. Louis and Chicago. You’ll see quirky motels, experience down-home meals, meet lots of interesting folks and see rows and rows of cornfields.

When traveling route 66, be free. Cruise the highway with some great tunes, and be prepared to pull over for some interesting sights. This is a road where it’s best to let go of your tight itinerary and just go with the flow. If you do that, you’ll enjoy the kitschy symbols of old Americana like the historic site museums, motels, and cafes, or the quirky sights like the artfully graffiti’d Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, or the breathtaking natural wonders like The Painted Desert in Arizona. You’ll experience warm people and generous portions of delicious diner-style food, washed down with your choice of root beer float or malt shake. Route 66 is an iconic highway of fun and adventure, served with a side of scenery and a helping of history. You really can get your kicks there…

Let one of our Sakura Rent A Car agents help you find the right rental car for your Route 66 Highway road trip adventure today.

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