I wrote lifestyle columns for a prominent radio personality whom I shan’t disclose over the web out of respect for my former employer. For almost a decade, we gave fans a weekly dose of written stories, inspirations, advice, recipes, and more. I also wrote sponsored material commissioned by companies whose name-brand products, services, or entertainment fit within the interests of the radio show.

See the sampling of articles below, and note more are available upon request.

Breaking the Post-Holiday Blues

The decorations are packed away and so is the holiday cheer. You mean we have to wait a whole year till we get to do that again? Yes, but the good news is we get to wait a whole year till we get to do that again. Whether you’re feeling relieved the holidays are over, or a little sad, there’s usually a let-down period where you don’t quite know what to do with yourself after all the hustle and bustle has ended. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Well, here’s one idea. Enjoy the slower pace. Sometimes it’s refreshing to feel a bit bored instead of overwhelmed. Start a new book, or pick up the last one you never finished. Get a new bubble bath and soak the blues away. Pick up an old recipe book and fall in love with some old favorites again.

If you can’t stand being bored, finish something. Maybe you started a painting project that’s been on hold for the holidays. Maybe you have a scrapbook to finish or photos to organize. Maybe you need to clean out some files on your desktop or clear some old emails in your inbox. The New Year is a really good time to button things up, organize and declutter your life so you can start fresh.

Perhaps you just need to have a little fun. Organize some friends to come over and help you eat the last of the holiday fudge while swapping stories about your holidays. Organize a trip to the snow to build snow angels and sled for a day. Organize a day to stay inside in your pajamas, eating popcorn and watching an epic trilogy of movies.

How do you break the post-holiday blues? Or do you see it as post-holiday bliss!? Either way, give me some great ideas to keep spirits up in the dark winter months after all the gleaming lights come down from the stores and homes and festive trees. You can reach me at [insert email].

Will you Make or Break my Day?

Imagine the scene: You are done shopping and headed back to your car in a crowded parking lot. Other cars are circling round and round looking for their lucky break. Just as you spot your car, another car creeps up behind you hoping for your space. Instantly you think a) I had to circle the lot 20 times before I got this spot so I’m in no rush to give up my prize. You proceed to walk slower… Or you think b) It’s your lucky day, driver. You speed up with a little gesture that you are on your way out.

If you chose the a) scenario and lingered in your car, adjusting your seat or your radio settings — maybe responding to one more text before hitting the road — the driver waiting on you grows frustrated as she backs up traffic behind her. When she finally pulls into your spot (10 minutes later), she is now yelling at her kids who have been passing the time pinching each other. Her kids then run ahead of her to escape, practically barreling into an elderly man walking thru the store door. The elderly man later takes his anger out on the cashier who is bagging all the wrong things together. The cashier can’t get out of work fast enough after such a grueling afternoon and zooms out of the parking lot right into a speed trap.

If you chose the b) scenario and rushed to give up your parking spot, the driver behind you slips into your spot and promises her kids they can pick out one treat in the store. Instead of pinching each other, they hi-five and rush ahead to go get dibs on steering the shopping cart. They pull out a cart for the elderly man, who smiles and goes on his way as the kids wait for mom to catch up. The elderly man, instead of scolding the cashier, tells her a joke which she intends to pass on as soon as her shift is up. The cashier heads out to the crowded lot and decides to b) quickly depart for the driver waiting on her…and with less frustration, she cruises all the way home minding the speed limit.

I hope you take this little scenario with you throughout your day and recognize how your actions affect others in ways you may never know. Now go make someone’s day!

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